101 Detox Waters

Making detox water is a lot easier than you think it is. All you need is fruits, vegetables, herbs and water. Chop up your ingredients and add them into cold water, place it in the fridge for 1-12 hours. The longer you allow the fruits/herbs to infuse the better the flavor.  After 12 hours make sure you remove the raw ingredients so they don’t start to decompose in your water.


Popular detox water recipe combinations:

  • Cucumber and mint.
  • Lemon and ginger.
  • Blackberry and orange.
  • Lemon and cayenne pepper.
  • Watermelon and mint.
  • Grapefruit and rosemary.
  • Orange and lemon.
  • Lemon and lime.
  • Strawberry and basil.
  • Apple and cinnamon.

Detox Waters

Why Detox Water?

So why should you start drinking detox water? Well aside from it tasting great it has a number of health benefits as well. Including;

  • Weight loss.
  • Toxin removal or detox.
  • Balancing the pH of the body.
  • Better digestive health.
  • Boosting immune function.
  • Improving mood.
  • Increasing energy levels.
  • Improving complexion.

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