Social Media and WE…

What is so thrilling about scrolling through our social media sites?

Is it the feeling of accomplishment when we see “likes” on our posts and or photos? Or the feeling of simple virtual connection when someone comments on our posts?

Studies show the engagement with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine; dopamine is the same feel good chemical in alcohol and smoking, it’s highly addictive!

We are loosing true deep meaningful relationships; we are losing personal connection; we are losing genuine conversation. We are growing up in the age where it is more common to see a couple on a date more focused on their phones than the communication with one another; we are growing up feeling like every single moment experienced in life has to documented on our phone than the true private experience for ourselves.

What happen to the days when people watching was truly a thing to do on a Sunday afternoon at a cafe; now people watching is part of our daily routine scrolling through our social media sites. We post to the public that we’ve had a great day catching up with friends but really how many of those catch ups were just in a simple text?

Our marriages struggle more than ever because though we may be sitting next to the one we love at home what we really are in love with is keeping that connection with others on our phones. We sit there arms embracing each other yet no one is speaking and we are more inclined to know the lastest happens on Facebook. We watch our favorite shows yet we still have to watch the highlights just because we missed half of it due to our addiction to not miss a minute of social networking.

So I Challenge You!


Social Media

I Challenge You!

You who plays games to escape your surroundings, you who has 5 or more conversations at once, you who scrolls through each social networking site a few times before feeling content; you out there snapchatting every moment and filtering every experience. I challenge you to set down your phone; I challenge you to “forget” your phone in the other room. I challenge you to truly be in a moment; to go on a hike, a boat ride, or a bike ride, to enjoy a moment one brief moment to be in the moment.

I challenge you to have one hour a day to yourself.

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