The Double F ..

The double “F” of Feeling Failure.

Failure can eat us up on the inside, it can break us down; failure feels like emptiness.  Why do we put so much emphasis’ on failure yet very little on success. We look for our failures and just tally up our success; we forget that failure and success go hand and hand.

Our failures are the stepping stones to our success; our failures should be humbling not overwhelming; our failures should feel vulnerable yet safe not suicidal. Do not allow your failures to control you and your future, allow those failures to lift you up and go have a glass of wine.  We tend to forget that everyone fails, everyone hits a wall.

Tina Fey, Oprah, Mr. Rodgers, Walt Disney all had many failures before their success; heck, people used to tell Walt Disney he wasn’t creative enough to have so much passion and love for an animated mouse and Oprah was fired  as an anchor because the TV producer told her she was “unfit” for television.

If we gave up every time we failed, every time we hit a wall we would have no true inspiring success stories to tell.

We can’t give up but we can certainly change our direction.

Think of Steve Jobs; he was fired as CEO at the peak of Apple’s success and could have easily given up on the spot but instead he changed direction, he changed his attitude and he became one of the most influential creators of our time. So next time you hit that failing moment, that brick wall that doesn’t seem to want to move, look to left and right of that wall and you may see an opening you didn’t see before.  Everyone says to believe in yourself but it’s the truth because at the end of the day no matter how many people you surround yourself with you still  only have yourself to make your life bigger and brighter.

You’ve got this!!!

The Double FFantastic Fun.


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